Brand new to Over AndOver and to the market! 

Clean Soap was created during the 2020 pandemic when everything needed to be so darn “clean”. In that same breathe, they also wanted the soap to be comforting, like a big hug to say everything is going to be alright. Scents of Woodspice, Lemongrass and Orange, compliment both men and women. 


CLEAN Soap is made in New England with refreshing natural ingredients that get you excited to start or wind down after a long day. The smell of CLEAN can take you back to your childhood with that hint of citrus bringing you back to sipping lemonade on a hot day. Or that hint of woodspice to remind you of camping outside on a crisp Fall night. The neatest aspect of CLEAN is the scent compliments both men and women.  CLEAN soap is Vegan and Cruelty Free. 

Clean Soap

SKU: 0011
Color: White