Are you ready to part ways with furniture? Don't dump it, donate it! 


Our Donation Program encourages folks to donate "unwanted" pieces of furniture. Once we receive and accept your donation, we will FLIP it and make it pretty again for someone else!

This is a feel good program which enables a piece of furniture to live on, all the while

1. Avoiding the landfill 

2. Making another family happy  

3. Generating funds to give back to the charity of your choice*

So if you are ready to rid and part ways, it could help others in need!  Items must be wood or metal (no plastic). To get started email us a photo. If we accept, up-cycle and sell, we will donate 10% of the sale price to your charity of your choice. Below are are the charities we have donated to or will be donating too one it sells! :) When we we finish a piece, we post and tag #oaodonationprogram. You can take a look at all we have done and who has benefitted over the years.


One of our favorite stories is the top left, a singer sewing machine which we repurposed into a entry way desk. The furniture donors, Barbara and Bob, wished that the funds go to the International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation in Bob's name. The family who purchased the finished piece even matched the 10% and sent us this picture of it in their new home, which we posted. Barbara saw this and commented with the history of the sewing machine and this picture. Everything about this just makes our hearts sing! 


Wow! This gorgeous restoration/repurpose of my husband’s great-grandmother, Hannah’s sewing machine brings much us much joy and pride. As a young bride, Hannah emigrated from Sweden to America with her husband and raised their family in CT. My husband remembers visiting her each Friday as a young child ... sharing her warmth and love and a tiny teacup of coffee (with a little ‘cube’ of sugar) and Swedish pastries (quite the treat for a youngster). I hope Stephen’s wife enjoys this gift knowing it was once the precious possession of a lovely woman in a loving home. Thank you, too for your contributions to IWMF, an organization near and dear to our hearts.