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OUR husband Eric and I had been collecting "another man's treasure" for years. Stopping on a dime at a flea market for that perfect piece (of crap) or going from 60 to 0 MPH to score that curb side find. Finally we asked ourselves, what the heck are we doing? What are we going to do with all of this? And then it was born, we created Over AndOver for the love repurposing, reusing and making people happy! Not only do we enjoy the craft, it's the thrill
of enabling furniture to live on and be beautiful again in another person's home. 
So like us, there are many other crafters featured in our shop who make everything from candles, jewelry and decorative art. We couldn't do it without OUR TEAM either.
Thanks to you all! 

Wendy created Over AndOver in 2016 after finally coming to terms with her punch drunk love for making things pretty again. Like a chipmunk she is always packing her cheeks with paper, tile and wine corks for some "project" down the road. With a marketing and event background, she enjoys bringing people together to enjoy the little things.

Amanda Gibson glowing

Amanda is a nature lover who is kind to all. At Over AndOver she is known as the "Crafter Connector" who loves to network with crafters and visitors, always in the mindset to bring people and ideas together. She has a family farm 'Gibson Gardens'. She offers furniture flips, crafts & eggs at OAO to support their farm!

Eric is the co-creator of Over AndOver. A lover of all things that have been scrapped or dumped by others on the side of the road. He can fix anything and is the guy behind the scenes mending broken furniture or adding texture to pieces from his vast wood collection. Oh and he is a drummer in a cool band called NED.

Tricia is a marketing maven and stage diva. She loves to work at Over AndOver and spends a lot of time warming up near the pellet stove while searching the web for dogs she can rescue.

Lucie loves fun and fashion... she created a consignment line named Lorraine B Boutique inside OAO. Named after her grandmother, Lorraine B. Check out some of her fun fashion finds at Over AndOver.

Brian Bench

Brian (Amanda's husband) is a Woodworker, Tree Lover, Groundskeeper and all around great guy.

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