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The Over AndOver Barntique is filled with tons of "eye candy" all made by local crafters. From flipped furniture, home decor, gifts and more, like pottery, soap, jewelry, cards, art and candles, you will find something dreamy. Discover the creative world of how using things ‘over and over’ can help our earth and offer originality to our lives.
If you are interested in:
1. SELLING: your goods here, please email us details WITH pictures of what you make.
2. DONATING: unwanted furniture, please click on the Donation Program tab for more info.
3. LAUGHING: watch the video to take it all in! hyper-speed shopping experience
 Having a blast: Come to the Funky Monkey Artisan Fair on Saturday, 10/19/24 from 10am to 3pm. Park at 11 Bunker Hill in Andover, CT to access all vendors, live music and food trucks all the way up to Over AndOver. Walk or take the golf cart up the trail where even more vendors are on the way!

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next one! 10/19/24

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