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Dr. Kim will be offering 20 minute card readings for $25.00. Oracle cards are a tool that can be used for introspection and a way to tap into a knowing that is not about intelligence or logic. They’re a method of knowing that speaks in metaphors and imagery, this allows you to bypass the logical, analyzing part of your brain and activate your deeper inner knowing or intuition. They can show you aspects of yourself and your life so that you can better understand the map of your life, redirect your course if necessary—and wisely move forward. 
Using oracle cards is all about energy, opening up to the messages not getting an absolute answer. 
By agreeing to a Oracle card session with Dr. Kim Andrews, as the client you are agreeing and accepting that these sessions are in no way replacements for licensed mental, legal, or medical support. These card readings are considered energy healing and/or intuitive reading.

Oracle card reading with Dr. Kim

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